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Expected Results
Improved contouring of the inner vaginal lips

Length of Surgery
1 hour

General or Local anaesthetic

Up to 2 weeks

Best Labia Minora Reduction in Manchester by Star Clinic

The body in general will go through a variety of changes as we grow and get older, and factors such as ageing and childbirth can have a profound effect on physical changes to our nether regions.

Some women often find that as time goes by, they can develop some discomfort when wearing certain clothes, especially if the are particularly close fitting, like underwear for example. Undertaking particular types of exercise such as cycling or yoga, can cause the affected person to experience discomfort from chaffing or rubbing, and sexual intercourse can be affected by functional issues or general discomfort.

Developing overly large lips can not only impact on what we wear and carrying out certain activities, it can also cause embarrassment or sensitivity regarding appearance, impacting on issues of self-confidence, but their personal relationships too. Labia Minora Reduction is successful in correcting large, long, protruding lips, to improve the appearance and alleviate discomfort.

The actual operation will be performed under either general anaesthetic or Twilight (local anaesthetic and sedation) and may occasionally require an overnight stay in hospital. Mr. Marando will conduct a full assessment prior to the treatment and by assessing your individual condition he will be able to tailor a unique plan that determines the type of technique he will perform, ensuring you receive truly bespoke results.

The Labia will be reduced by removing excess tissue through either a V-shape or straight line incision along the lip(s). The appropriate surgical technique is discussed and selected with the patient, depending on the specific case.

Labia Minora Reduction can successfully address one or both lips and correct Labia Minora that are asymmetrical.

Mr. Marando will follow up the treatment through consultations that will assess how healing is progressing and also the developing results, which should be noticeable in around 6 months.

You should expect to spend the first couple of weeks after surgery in convalescence, allowing for the wounds to heal and for your body to recover. During this time you will possibly need to take time off work and driving may be prohibited. It is important to reduce your mobility and ease gently back into normal levels of activity, when your body feels comfortable.

Mr. Marando will be available at any time to address any concerns or answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

The final outcome should be developed in around 6 months, when a more pleasing appearance should be visible and feelings of physical discomfort should be greatly improved, making you feel less self-conscious.

Treatment FAQ

This treatment is suitable for women who have enlarged inner lips to their vagina, and experience feelings of physical discomfort or issues surrounding diminished self-confidence. This may be impacting on carrying out certain daily tasks or exercising, or cause difficulties with personal relationships and sexual intercourse.

This treatment is generally perceived to be safe. Mr. Marando is a highly skilled surgeon who has extensive training and experience in this field of surgery and take safety issues very seriously, ensuring the welfare of his patients is of primary concern.

General anaesthetic will be used to perform this procedure. The few weeks that follow the treatment will require a course of pain relief to be taken, reducing the discomfort that will be felt as a result.

The side effects from this procedure will include swelling and bruising. This will ease over a period of around 2 weeks and time off work may be advised during this time.

Infection and bleeding are side effects that are less common, but Mr. Marando will ensure he makes you aware of the risks that could possibly be involved with this procedure and from surgery in general.

For up to 2 weeks following this treatment you may need to adjust your levels of activity and take time off work, to allow for initial recovery and healing to progress. You may need to be careful to resume normal activity levels and only do so when your body feels ready. Participating in sexual intercourse may require a period of up to 4 weeks rest.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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