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Expected Results
Subtle rejuvenation to the chest

Treatment Time
30 minutes


2 - 4 months

Best Décolletage Rejuvenation in Manchester by Star Clinic

During warmer months, clothing becomes lighter and this often sees lower necklines revealing more of the chest, increasing exposure to the sun’s rays. Sun damage has a profound impact on the delicate skin on the chest, can often be overlooked when applying sun-cream and become vulnerable to the development of wrinkles, crepey skin, age spots and a general uneven tone and texture.

These ageing effects can be enhanced with certain lifestyle habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Developing wrinkles on the chest is also common for people who sleep on their sides, causing the breasts to sit closer together.

A considerate consultation will be carried out by Mr. Marando before arranging the procedure. This will enable Mr. Marando to assess your condition and go through your reasons for seeking treatment.

As each person presents their conditions differently and in varying degrees, a tailored approach will be taken by Mr. Marando, putting together a personalised plan that can deliver results that are best suited to you.

It may be necessary that other conditions are affecting you also, and Mr. Marando can best advise you on the treatment options that are available and can be performed as part of a combined series of treatments.

A less than attractive Decolletage can easily be treated by Mr. Marando through the application of Dermal fillers and skin boosters, meticulously selected on a case by case basis.

This is an injectable treatment that consists of a gel containing Hyaluronic acid that can add volume to concerned area and boost the hydration in the skin. The Hyaluronic acid is also a product that is found naturally in the body and aids the production of collagen, whilst helping to retain moisture.

The results can vary slightly with each treatment, but the overall intended outcomes are intended to restore healthy properties to the skin, adding volume and hydration to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles, and aid complete rejuvenation to polish and brighten the decolletage. Treating the decolletage can be performed in conjunction with other revitalising procedures, aimed at the face and neck area, in order to produce total rejuvenation from the chest up. Mr. Marando will advise on whether the best option for you would require a series of treatments, and will create a bespoke plan to suit your concerns for the best possible rejuvenating outcome.

The concerns regarding poor skin quality on the chest can often give rise to feelings of embarrassment and lost confidence, especially when wanting to wear lower-cut clothing, feeling that this can put an aged look to the affected person’s appearance. By undergoing a simple cosmetic procedure, that uses a non-invasive approach, a boost can be given both physically and emotionally. An on-going plan can maintain long-term results.

Treatment FAQ

If the ageing process has caused wrinkles, or a crepey appearance to the skin on the chest, then you may be suitable to undergo this treatment. It could also be that you have age spots or damaged skin because of over-exposure to the sun, or have developed creases as a result sleeping on your side. A suitable candidate will be unhappy with the appearance of their decolletage, impacting on their self-confidence. Mr. Marando will be able to assess your suitability and advise the best treatment option for you, delivering realistic expectations that suits both you and your skin.

Mr. Marando carries out all his procedures with careful consideration towards the safety and welfare of all his patients. The products and equipment that is used, complies with regulatory safety standards and a tailored approach can ensure the suitability of the treatment used backs up any risks to your well-being.

The treatments that have been described as options for decolletage rejuvenation can cause some minor sensitivity. Patients have described feeling tingling sensations where injections have been administered or where a device is passed over the skin, or a warming sensation in the case of laser therapy. If you prefer, Mr. Marando will willingly apply a numbing cream to the treatment area before he commences.

The treatment site can incur some redness immediately after the procedure and will ease within a short time. If dermal fillers have been used, then some slight swelling and bruising at the injection points may occur, easing within a few days and can easily be concealed if necessary.

Treatments that are used to rejuvenate the decolletage incur a minimal amount of downtime. There may be some time needed for the effects to settle but this is usually a very short time. There will be no effects on your mobility and your ability to carry out daily functions, thus causing no disruption to your life as a whole.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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