the revolutionary skin layering technology


Developed by Crystal Clear, the SKINSTORM treatment is a unique, multi-step procedure that offers unparalleled results in skincare and dramatic results. This ground-breaking treatment incorporates six advanced techniques, including Hurricane Oxygen for deep cleansing, phototherapy light for skin resurfacing and Oxy Ice Peel for exfoliation.

The Six Elements and layers of SKINSTORM

At Star Clinic, SKINSTORM is part of our pre and post surgery routine. Well prepped skin is the key to long lasting and succesful surgery. We use SKINSTORM to ensure the skin is optimised prior to surgery. Post surgery, we use the SKINSTORM technology to assist recovery. It can also be enjoyed as a one off facial for that red carpet glow or as a regular routine to treat problem skin.

Element One

Hurrricane Oxygen
The SKINSTORM Hurricane Super Cleanse uses a vortex effect combined with pure oxygen and cold temperatures to deeply cleanse. It effectively lifts dirt and debris, chilling the skin to enhance cleanliness without irritation.

Element Two

Resurface and heal with photo light therapy
This step combines resurfacing and light therapy, smoothing skin texture, reducing scarring and pigmentation, and providing acne relief, all with flawless results and no recovery time needed.

Element Three

Oxy Ice Peel & Acne Anti-Bacterization Peel
A unique peel that blends dissolved oxygen with cryo temperatures, minimising inflammation and irritation. It deeply penetrates for an ‘inside out’ treatment, refreshing and clarifying the complexion.

Element Four

Oxy Ice Fibroblast Needling (with drone technology)
Utilises drone technology for precise serum delivery. The micro-needling roller stimulates collagen production, repairs and hydrates the skin, visibly enhancing its structure and appearance.

Element Five

Hylo Fusion (Filler without the needle)
A non-invasive method delivering hyaluronic acid and other actives deeply into the skin. This bespoke treatment effectively targets areas like crow’s feet and sagging skin, offering a natural filler effect.

Element Six

Tri Fusion Light Therapy
This therapeutic light treatment uses red, blue and infrared light to aid skin healing and balance. It rejuvenates the skin, eradicates bacteria and helps in lifting pigmentation, providing a calming post-treatment experience.


SKINSTORM is a groundbreaking fusion of cutting-edge technologies and treatments designed to rejuvenate and transform your skin, including:
  • Cryotherapy and ice micro-needling to invigorate and refresh

  • LED light therapy to repair and restore

  • Vitamin infusion to nourish and fortify

  • A high-pressure injection technique that volumises the skin, offering the benefits of an aesthetician's visit without the need for needles

Experience remarkable outcomes with SKINSTORM:
  • Deeply purifies and super cleanses the skin

  • Exfoliates and hydrates for a smooth, supple texture

  • Stimulates collagen production for youthful elasticity

  • Targets and diminishes blemishes

  • Refines and minimises pores

  • Addresses and alleviates 'Tech Neck' symptoms

We invite you to join our SKINSTORM Friday clinics to witness firsthand the transformative power of this unparalleled facial treatment. Whether you're aiming for a radiant glow for a red-carpet event or seeking a comprehensive skin rejuvenation through a series of six sessions, SKINSTORM promises exceptional results with little to no downtime. Discover the secret to flawless skin with SKINSTORM.


this facial would be excellent to have a day before an evenT

Thanks to the instant effects, this facial would be excellent to have a day before an event. There are also impressive before and after images showing how a course of treatments can work wonders and more serious skin conditions, such as acne, scarring, and rosacea.

I will definitely be booking in again for it. 

Laura Mulley
Beauty Editor OK Magazine
This treatment has changed my life

I have suffered with hormonal acne since my early teens.

I have never found a solution for my breakouts and scarring. I have tried multiple treatments and nothing has ever worked until I had Skinstorm.

This treatment has changed my life.

a multifunctional skin system like nothing else!

I have worked in the aesthetic industry for seven years and I have never come across a multifunctional skin system like this!
I love this system as it treats a number of skin concerns, such as acne, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and Rosacea.

The perfect treatment for every client without the use of injectables.


Interview with SKINSTORM founder

Sharon Hilditch


Every Friday 9am-4pm
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