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Expected Results
Reduced breast size and improved shape

Length of Surgery
2 - 3 hours

General anaesthetic

Up to 4 weeks

breast reduction Manchester
breast reduction surgery

A condition known medically as Macromastia, large breasts are caused by the overproduction of glandular tissue in the breasts and can be coupled with poorly positioned nipples. This concern often develops during puberty but gaining weight and hormonal changes can also be contributing factors, some things which can commonly be as a result of getting older.

Breasts that are quite large can also be quite heavy, causing the affected person to develop other conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, poor posture and a rash or irritation in the crease below the breasts. The appearance of enlarged breasts can often be considered unattractive to the affected person and cause a lack of self-confidence regarding body image, impacting on personal / intimate relationships as well as finding difficulties with certain clothing.

Before your treatment can be arranged, Mr. Marando will want to conduct a full assessment and discuss the indications you present with and any other reasons for which you are seeking treatment. He will ensure you are made fully aware of the actual procedure, including all the risks involved, as well as making sure you have realistic outcomes in mind. Mr. Marando may want to arrange a second consultation before making a confirmed appointment, as it is important that you have taken the time to understand all the information you have been given and that you are absolutely sure about going ahead with the treatment.

Before your breast reduction treatment commences, your breasts will have marks made on them to indicate where the incisions will be made and where the breast and nipple will be sited. The incisions will generally go around the outside of the nipple to then follow a vertical line down to meet the inframammary crease (where the breast connects to the chest wall).

It is through these incisions that excess fat and glandular breast tissue will be removed. Whilst the operation is in process, the nipple will be suspended on a stem of breast tissue, known as the pedicle, before being repositioned to face more upwardly. The individual structure of your breasts can determine which technique regarding scarring Mr. Marando will use and the type of pedicle, to maintain blood supply to the nipple.

Depending on the size of the necessary reduction, the patient will be treated as either a day case, or will be advised to rest for one night in hospital for observation purposes. You will then be sent home with a course of pain relief and will be required to wear a surgical supportive bra without underwire, for around 6 weeks.

A series of follow up consultations will be required and Mr. Marando will arrange these. He will offer support and advice through the whole of your recovery period, while assessing how well you are healing. Results from the operation will continue to develop gradually, with the final outcome being noticeable in around 9 months.

Having enlarged breasts reduced to a more naturally pleasing size can often feel liberating for the affected person. The person may feel they have opened up their options regarding what they are comfortable to wear, and have had the burden of physical discomfort and feelings of self-consciousness lifted.

Although it is possible for breast tissue to grow back, the removal of glandular tissue along with maintaining a healthy weight and BMI can help to ensure longer lasting results.

Before & Afters

before and after breast reduction surgery manchester
breast reduction manchester before and after
breast reduction surgery before & after
examples of breast reduction before and after surgery from star clinic manchester

Treatment FAQ

Suitable candidates for breast reduction surgery are people who are physically and emotionally affected by having large breasts. If you are experiencing consistent discomfort in your back and / or shoulders, and find you are beginning to stoop then an assessment with Mr. Marando may be recommended. It is important that you are in good health as this benefits the healing process.

This is a procedure that is frequently sought and performed. Mr. Marando is well regarded for carrying out this surgery due to his extensive training, skill and experience in this field of cosmetic surgery. He strives to ensure you receive high standards of patient safety, an aspect that he cares greatly about.

You will experience some discomfort as a result from this surgical procedure. When you are discharged from the hospital you will be given a course of painkillers to take at home, helping you to manage any discomfort while you heal. For the actual operation you will be under general anaesthetic.

Following the procedure the breasts will feel tender and will be swollen and bruised for up to 2 weeks. In some cases it has been known for the patient to experience bleeding, poor scarring, loss of nipple sensation. Rare complications can include infection, delayed healing and breast asymmetry.

The first 2 weeks after the operation will require a period of downtime to allow for initial healing and recovery. It may be necessary for you to reduce your activity levels and take care not to overdo things, taking time off work. Mr. Marando will be able to offer advice regarding resuming normal activity levels, according to how your healing is progressing. A supportive bra will need to be worn for up to 6 weeks and it would be advisable during this time not to participate in intensive exercises.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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