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Expected Results
A tighter firmer stomach area

Length of Surgery
2 - 3 hours

General anaesthetic

Up to 6 weeks

Abdominoplasty by Star Clinic

The skin naturally contains collagen and elastin, and it is these components that are responsible for the skin’s ability to remain firm, full and stretchy. As we get older these products begin to diminish from our body and our skin finds it more difficult to retain its strong structure and bounce back to its original form.

Through pregnancy and prolonged or excessive weight gain, the skin gets stretched for a significant amount of time, adding an extra element of difficulty for the skin to resume its natural structure through losing collagen and elastin.

For someone who has excess fat and / or skin around the abdomen, feeling self-conscious with their body and wanting to cover up can have a negative impact on their self esteem.

Abdominoplasty can be performed under a general anaesthetic and can be carried out in a few different ways, which Mr. Marando will be able to determine:

  • The most common type of Abdominoplasty is a traditional tummy tuck, and is suitable for people who have excess skin around the midsection of their stomach. This type of procedure aims to improve the whole of the stomach area and may require the navel to be repositioned.
  • Reduced scarring can be achieved through the less invasive, partial abdominoplasty. People who have a smaller amount of excess skin to be removed may be advised to undertake this option as it aims to target the area that is below the belly button.
  • Larger amounts of excess skin can be addressed through an Extended Abdominoplasty. This procedure also tightens the muscles in the stomach and can be used in the correction of Diastasis of the Recti muscles – a condition that can commonly occur after childbirth when the separated muscles do not knit back together.

It is not unusual for Liposculpture, or procedures that correct conditions concerning the breast, to be performed alongside Abdominoplasty.

A full and thorough pre-treatment consultation will be carried out by Mr. Marando, and he will consider your individual concerns and personal goals, to create a bespoke treatment plan that will best suit your needs. Mr. Marando will ensure you are fully aware of the type of procedure he intends to perform, outlining what you can expect from the operation and the final results.

You may need to spend 1 or 2 nights in hospital after the operation and you will be prescribed an effective course of pain relief to take home with you, along with aftercare advice to follow.

The stomach area will feel tender and sensitive for a few weeks after the treatment and you will need to take care not to overdo things until you are more comfortable. Time off work may be required and you will need to refrain from driving until you are advised otherwise.

Mr. Marando will monitor your recovery and healing with planned follow-up consultations, assessing your progress and successful development of the final results, which should be visible in around 6 – 9 months.

Mr Marando will be able to offer advice and recommendations through careful assessment, during which he will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Through these consultations Mr. Marando will be able to see you through every step of the procedure enabling him to ensure you are happy with the end result.

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Treatment FAQ

The suitability for undergoing this treatment will be determined by Mr. Marando through a full and thorough assessment prior to arranging treatment. A person who is affected by excess skin around the mid or lower section of the stomach, due to weight loss or pregnancy and is experiencing feelings of lost confidence may be a suitable candidate. It is beneficial for successful healing that a person is in good health, has a strong skin structure and does not smoke or consume too much alcohol.

Abdominoplasty is a popular treatment that is frequently performed in many countries. These procedures are carried out by specialist surgeons who are highly trained and experienced, a category that Mr. Marando falls into. Your welfare is of paramount importance and every step is taken with consideration to ensure your safety.

You will be under general anaesthetic when the operation is taking place. For the coming weeks that follow the procedure you may experience some discomfort to the stomach, for which pain relief will be administered. You may also find that undertaking certain activities will trigger tenderness, so it is important to adjust your activity levels to accommodate this.

Common side effects from this procedure include: swelling, bruising, tenderness and restricted mobility and temporary loss of sensation. Complaints that are less commonly experienced can include: delayed healing of the wounds, haematoma, infection, loss of navel (exceptionally rare) and poor scarring. A person who is in good health, does not smoke or consume too much alcohol and has a healthy BMI can benefit from more successful healing.

6 weeks after the procedure will see a period of downtime, allowing for a significant amount of healing to have taken place. During this time you will need to take things very easy with time off work required and a prohibition on driving.

6 weeks will also see the requirement of surgical compression garments to be worn all day, fading this out over several more weeks. You will need to ease yourself back into normal daily activity levels, only undertaking certain tasks when your body is ready.

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