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Expected Results
Reduced lip size

Length of Surgery
30 - 60 minutes

Local or General anaesthetic

Up to 1 week, up to 6 months for final results

lip reduction surgery Manchester

Whilst many people these days seek treatment to enhance the size and volume of the lips, it is not everyone’s preference and there are those who are discontent with having larger lips and would be happier with them being smaller and more proportionate.

Sometimes, the lips can be disproportionate to each other, and It is not always concerns about both lips that may leave you feeling the need for lip reduction surgery. This can be performed on either the top or the bottom lip independently, in order to even out the size or proportions of the lips, creating a more balanced appearance to this facial feature.

The procedure will be unique to the patient as each person presents with different indications and personal goals. Mr. Marando will assess the patient fully at a post-operative consultation, advising on the best direction for treatment that is in accordance with the person’s individual appearance and will produce the most effective end result.

The operation itself will require an incision on the inside of the lip. Excess tissue will be removed through this incision, along with any potential excess skin, before the closing of the wound.

The operation can be performed under either Local or General anaesthetic and can be treated as a day case, but it may be advisable for the patient to arrange for someone to take them home after they have been discharged.

A period of up to 2 – 3 weeks may see swollen and bruised lips, with tenderness and some possible temporary numbness, seeing time off work being required during this period. After this time, the effects should fade and begin to settle down. The patient will need to take careful consideration regarding aftercare advice and Mr. Marando will support your recovery and healing through the necessary follow-up consultations and assessments, with full results developing within 6 months.

Treatment FAQ

If you are unhappy with having fuller lips than you desire, and have feelings of embarrassment and lost self-confidence, then you may be suitable for a Lip Reduction. It may be that one or both of your lips is larger than you would like, or they are asymmetric or unbalanced as a whole facial feature. Mr. Marando will conduct a full assessment with you prior to the procedure and he will determine the best treatment option for you, based on your individual concerns and fulfilling your desired outcomes.

As with all surgical procedures, Mr. Marando takes the safety of his patients very seriously, and takes the essential steps necessary to ensure the procedure is carried out successfully. Cosmetic treatments that can correct the conditions a person perceives to be unattractive or detrimental to their well-being are increasing in popularity, thus becoming more commonly performed and improved upon, beneficial when considering the standards of safety.

An appropriate anaesthetic will be used when Mr. Marando performs this procedure, ensuring the area is completely numbed so you will not feel any pain during the operation. In the days following the treatment you will experience some discomfort as the wounds heal, but an effective course of pain relief will be administered to help you with this.

Common side effects associated with this procedure include swelling and bruising for a few weeks following surgery. Any scarring should be hidden as the incisions are generally made on the inside of the mouth. Any other risks associated with having a surgical procedure and anaesthesia will be discussed in full with Mr. Marando during your pre-operative consultation.

You may need to take up to 1 week off work whilst initial healing and recovery takes place. After this time you may need to be careful with activities, like eating and drinking, for example, but this will not cause disruption to your everyday pursuits.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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