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Expected Results
Larger, fuller breasts

Length of Surgery
1 - 2 hours

General anaesthetic or Twilight (local anaesthetic and sedation) in some cases

Up to 4 weeks

breast augmentation manchester
Best Breast Augmentation in Manchester

A Closer Look at Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the insertion of a modern implant to increase the size and fullness of your breasts. We recognise that breast size, breast shape and cup size are deeply personal matters, and the goal is to empower you to make choices that are right for you.

Hypomastia: Understanding Small Breasts

The term hypomastia refers to the condition of having small breasts. However, there is no universal “normal” breast size and breast shape is as unique as you. We believe that you’re thoughts and feelings about your breasts should be guided by your own perception of beauty because your opinions form your personal confidence.

What Influences Breast Size?

While genetics play a significant role in determining breast size, other factors can also contribute to smaller breasts. Conditions like amastia, a rare condition leading to significantly under-developed breasts often accompanied by an absence of the nipple, can be a contributing factor. Additionally, fluctuations in weight and the effects of breastfeeding can lead to a loss of breast volume.

Living with smaller breasts can sometimes impact a woman’s self-esteem and result in both physical and emotional challenges related to body confidence and personal relationships.

Your Consultation

Before embarking on your surgical journey, a full comprehensive consultation is scheduled to address your unique needs and the aesthetic choices available and what is right for your individual needs.

During your pre-operative initial consultation at our Manchester private hospital, our experienced surgeon, Mr. Marando and the clinical team will conduct a thorough assessment of your overall health, discuss your reasons for seeking breast enlargement surgery, and help you define the ideal cup size you wish to achieve.

You will be fully informed about the procedure itself and any pre-treatment recommendations. Our specialist breast surgeon Mr. Marando may recommend a second consultation to ensure you’ve thoroughly considered your decision and are confident in moving forward.

best cosmetic breast augmentation surgeon in manchester

The most effective approach will be discussed and agreed with the patient during the consultations that precede the operation.

Type of Breast Augmentation (Boob job)

Your breast enlargement procedure at our cosmetic surgery in Hospital in Manchester is a highly personalised experience, tailored to your individual needs. The surgical treatment begins with meticulous planning following your initial appointment and personalised treatment. During your personal consultation, incision points will be marked on your breasts, with options including:

  • Inframammary: Incisions in the crease beneath the breast.
  • Periareolar: Incisions made around the outside of the nipple.
  • Transaxillary: Incisions in the armpit.

The most effective approach for your unique situation will be discussed and agreed upon during your consultations.

Breast Implant placement options

Silicone breast implants can be inserted into one of two pockets:

  • Submuscular Placement (Chest wall): Beneath the chest muscle. This technique includes placement of the breast implant partially under the pectoral muscle
  • Subglandular Placement: Behind the natural breast tissue and in front of the chest muscle.

The placement of breast implants depends on your individual considerations and desired potential outcome. Whether you’re addressing asymmetrical breasts, shapely breasts, correcting tuberous breasts / tubular breasts, or simply seeking a more balanced chest muscle area, breast augmentation can provide the volume and breast shape you desire. This treatment is recommended if you wish to increase your breast size by one or a wide variety of sizes. This is one of the key benefits of breast augmentation.

your breast enlargement journey in manchester

Your Breast Enlargement Journey

Most breast enlargement procedures are performed as a day case at our Manchester private hospital, allowing you to return home the same day. However, in some cases, an overnight stay in our private hospital may be recommended. To manage post-operative discomfort, you will be provided with a course of prescribed pain relief to take home which you will take for several weeks while tenderness subsides.

The Road to Smooth Recovery

To ensure a successful breast augmentation recovery, it’s essential to be in good physical to ensure a successful breast augmentation recovery, it’s essential to be in good physical health, maintain a healthy weight and BMI. Keep in mind that health issues, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can delay the healing process.

breast augmentation recovery

The healing process is a vital part of your breast augmentation journey. Here’s what to expect during your recovery:

  • Recovery Duration: Plan for up to 4 weeks, during which you may experience some swelling and bruising. Adequate rest, A Healthy Diet along with prescribed pain medication, is essential for a successful, speedy recovery.
  • Compression Garments: Wearing a supportive sports bra can help to minimise swelling and provide stability during the initial healing phase.
  • Physical Activities: Avoid strenuous activities and exercise for several weeks post-surgery including any heavy lifting, driving and any housework including ironing and hoovering.
  • Your safety and optimal healing are our top priority, so Mr Marando will provide guidance on when it is safe to resume normal activities.

Follow-up Review Appointments: Regular follow-up appointments are part of the service with Mr. Marando, these appointments allow him to monitor you and your recovery and keep an eye on the healing process by reviewing the development of your final results. Typically, you will start seeing the full result in around 3months after surgery.

Am I an ideal Candidate for Surgery?

If small breasts are affecting your physical and psychological well-being, you may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation at Star Clinic Manchester. Mr. Marando will guide you through your wide range of options, address your concerns, and enable you to make a confident decision about the treatment that’s right for you.

Other breast procedures that patients may be suitable for include breast augmentation with an uplift, breast uplift surgery to reduce breast sagging, breast reduction surgery, breast asymmetry surgery and in some cases breast implant removal, or breast implant removal and replacements.

Addressing Discomfort

While this procedure may involve some discomfort, especially in the post-operative period, you’ll be under general anesthesia during the breast enlargement surgery itself, so you will feel no pain during the procedure.

A course of prescribed pain relief will be provided immediately after surgery for the weeks following the cosmetic surgery procedure to manage any discomfort effectively.

Safety is Our Priority

Breast augmentation is one of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures, performed worldwide. At our Manchester Clinic, patient safety is our top priority. Mr. Marando takes every precaution to ensure your well-being at our Manchester private hospital, and the breast implant type used meets stringent patient safety standards, assessing your medical history and minimising the risk of complications.

Potential Side Effects and Risks

Breast augmentation is generally a safe procedure, but like any plastic surgery, it carries some side effects and potential risks. Common side effects include swelling and bruising, which can persist for 1-2 weeks post-treatment. Incisions are strategically placed to minimise visible scar tissue.

Less common side effects can include bleeding, infection, hematoma, and blood clots. Mr Marando will discuss these potential risks with you during your consultations to ensure you are well-informed.

breast augmentation manchester recovery time

Downtime and Getting Back to Your Routine

The days after surgery are usually the most challenging in terms of recovery period. You may experience pain, swelling, and bruising in the chest area. Pain medication prescribed by your surgeon can help manage discomfort. Most patients are advised to take it easy and rest during this period. Plan for up to 2 weeks of downtime after having your breast enlargement surgery, avoid any heavy lifting. It is essential that you give your body ample time to heal is essential for a successful recovery process. Patients are advised to reduce strenuous activity and take time off work. Mr. Marando may also recommend patients to refrain from driving for a recommended time, and not to return to certain activities for a period, and not to resume intensive exercise and returning to the gym for up to 12 weeks.

Your Journey Starts at Star Clinic Manchester

A breast augmentation procedure at our Manchester Clinic is designed to help you achieve shapely breasts and the size that makes you feel confident and beautiful. With our expert surgeon, Mr. Marando, and our commitment to your safety and satisfaction, you can embark on your journey towards a more confident you.

The cost of breast surgery can vary depending on a number of factors. Factors such as the surgical plan, the time required, and the surgical process for each individual will impact on the surgical fee. This fee is typically determined once a full consultation has taken place and Mr Marando understands the surgical plan required to achieve the desired outcome.

Contact us today to find out more information about procedure prices and to schedule your surgeon consultation with Mr Marando and start on your path to enhanced beauty and self-assured confidence. At Star Clinic Manchester, the team is dedicated to help our patients look and feel their very best. Find out more about what to expect from your Breast Enlargement Journey by Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Breast Surgery expert, Mr Marando by booking your consultation today or reading our breast enlargement reviews.

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Before & Afters

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Treatment FAQ

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement surgery or Boob Job, is a procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts. It is typically done by inserting breast implants, which can be filled with either saline or silicone gel. Your cosmetic surgeon places these implants either under the chest wall muscle (submuscular) or behind the breast muscle tissue (subglandular) to achieve the desired results.

The difference between the two common types of breast implant is that Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater solution and tend to have a firmer feel. Silicone implants, on the other hand, closely resemble the texture of natural breast tissue and often provide a more natural shape, appearance and feel. The choice between implant brands depends on your preferences and your specialist surgeon’s specific cosmetic surgery service.

While breast augmentation does involve incisions, your surgeon will strategically place them to minimise the appearance of scars. Incision options include inframammary (in the breast crease), periareolar (around the nipple), or transaxillary (in the armpit). The extent of scarring varies depending on the chosen incision type.

Yes, breast augmentation is an effective solution for correcting breast asymmetry. Mr Marando will identify and use different-sized implants (saline implants or silicone implants) to achieve a balanced and symmetrical appearance correcting the existing asymmetrical breasts.

Common risks include infection, bleeding, and implant displacement. Additionally, from patient to patient, you may experience changes in nipple sensation, capsular contracture (scar tissue formation around the implant), and implant rupture. During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss these risks in detail and provide guidance on minimising them

Most patients can return to normal daily activities within a few weeks after breast augmentation. However, it may take some patients several months for the breasts to settle into their final position and for any swelling to subside completely so doing less strenuous activities is advised.

Anatomical implants, also known as teardrop-shaped implants, are designed to mimic the natural shape of the breast. They are often used in breast reconstruction surgery to achieve a more natural appearance.

When choosing a breast augmentation surgeon, it’s crucial to look for a specialist with extensive patient experience in breast surgery procedures. Ensure that they have a track record of achieving natural-looking results, and don’t hesitate to ask for before-and-after photos. A qualified and experienced surgeon will provide personalised guidance based on your unique goals and anatomy.

Your ideal breast size should be determined through a thorough consultation with your surgeon. They will consider your body proportions, personal goals, and desired, successful outcome. You can also try on different types of implant sizes to get a better idea of how they will look and feel to meet your ideal size needs.

Yes, breast implant surgery is a highly popular cosmetic procedure. After this type of surgery, it can take several months for breast implants to fully settle into their desired position. During this time, your surgeon will monitor your progress and provide guidance on proper patient care and any necessary adjustments.

After breast enhancement surgery, stretch marks are generally a low-risk concern following breast implant surgery. The skin envelope surrounding the chest and breasts is typically elastic and can accommodate the increased volume from breast implants without significant stretching. However, individual factors, such as skin type and implant size, may play a role in the likelihood of stretch marks.

Implant rippling can sometimes occur and become noticeable beneath the skin. To address this concern, it’s recommended to use a swimsuit or skin-friendly adhesive tape to cover the scars during the first year after surgery. Additionally, consulting with your surgeon about implant placement and type may help minimise the risk of rippling. Discuss these options in your breast augmentation consultation with your surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery primarily aims to enhance breast size and shape through the range of implants. While it can have some positive effects on skin tightness, particularly if the skin has reasonable elasticity, it may not be the ideal solution for addressing substantial excess skin concerns. In situations where skin elasticity is a significant issue and there is a need to correct sagging or drooping breasts, a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure may be recommended. This can be performed alone or in conjunction with breast augmentation & lift to achieve the desired, successful outcomes effectively.

Breast augmentation mainly involves breast implants, but, if the patient has the right indication and some unwanted adipose tissue, it is possible to enhance the fullness of the breast by injecting the fat removed from another area of the body (Breast Fat Grafting Fat transfer). Discuss these options in your breast augmentation consultation with Mr Marando.

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