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Expected Results
Improved contouring of the face

Length of Surgery
Up to 1.5 hours

Either general or local

Up to 1 week

Best Buccal Fat Pad Reduction by Star Clinic

Although the Buccal fat pads are an important component in the anatomy of the face – beneficial for supporting the movement and muscles of the jaw, they are an acceptable feature in childhood that does not always see a reduction in size as we get older. The volume or density of the buccal fat pads are determined by either genetics or weight gain and this treatment can not only slim the facial profile, but can create a more evenly balanced contouring of the face as a whole.

The procedure involves removing excess fat from the buccal pad to produce a reduction in the size of the cheeks, as opposed to removing the pad altogether. Mr. Marando will conduct a full assessment prior to arranging the treatment, during which he will take into account your individual indications and consider the outcome you are looking for. He will ensure tailoring the approach to best fit with your needs, suiting your facial structure and ensure you are fully informed of the techniques he intends to use.

The procedure will see an incision made on the inside of your mouth, extracting excess fat from the pad in your cheek, and closed using dissolvable sutures. For enhanced facial rejuvenation, this treatment may be performed alongside other procedures such as: Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), neck lift or face lift (Rhytidectomy). The treatment may be done as an out-patient, meaning you can go home on the same day if the operation has been successful, but you will need to ensure someone can take you home.

The inside of the mouth will generally take around 10 days for the wounds to settle and show signs of recovery, with additional swelling and bruising on the cheeks taking around 2 – 3 weeks to subside, following the procedure. The full results will take a few months to develop when the contour of your face can appear slimmer and better sculpted. Delivering a natural-looking youthful rejuvenation to the face.

It is important to note that the outcomes achieved from this treatment can vary from person to person and factors such as diet and the development of other ageing related conditions can have an effect on the long term results.

Mr. Marando will follow up your treatment with careful monitoring during post-operative consultations, enabling him to support your recovery and ensure you are happy with the end results.

Treatment FAQ

A suitable person for this treatment is someone who has fullness to the face, particularly in the cheek area and is unhappy with their appearance. If a person has had surgery to reduce the size of their jaw, they may have developed an increase to the contour of the face due to this type of procedure compressing on the tissue of the mid-face area, causing fuller cheeks.

Mr. Marando specialises in this field of surgery and is a highly skilled and trained surgeon. The safety of his patients is always high on his agenda and he endeavours to perform this procedure with successful techniques, ensuring the well-being of the patient is of primary consideration.

The use of an effective anaesthetic, most suitable for the patient, will be used to ensure no pain is felt during the actual procedure. The tenderness and discomfort that the following weeks can endure will be successfully managed through a course of appropriate pain relief.

Following the operation, you will experience some initial swelling, bruising and general discomfort. It may be necessary for you to adjust your normal diet for soft foods and keep activity levels to a minimum while the wounds heal. The effects from the procedure may last for a few weeks and you may find you will need to take a little time off work during this period. Surgical procedures such as this can carry the risk of bleeding, infection, numbness and on-going pain, but these are not common. Mr. Marando will ensure you are fully aware of the side effects and risks that could be involved when he conducts a pre-operative assessment.

Up to 3 weeks may need to be allowed for healing and recovery to be advanced enough for normal daily activities to be resumed. 1 week may need to be taken off work, leaving 4 weeks before returning to the gym.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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