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Expected Results
Youthful facial rejuvenation - Facial enhancement - Facial beautification

Treatment Time
30 - 60 minutes


8 - 24 months

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Aimed at addressing the facial features that are affected by the visible signs of ageing, Dermal fillers can add volume and hydration to produce a rejuvenated look that has appeared to have turned back the clock or enhance / beautify specific facial features.

More specifically to ageing, as we get older our skin’s structure changes. Lines and wrinkles start to develop as the natural products found in the skin, collagen and elastin, begin to breakdown. The skin is not as efficient in the reproduction of these elements and this can cause lost volume and weakened muscles, with a lessened ability for the skin to bounce back to its original form.

The face is the most centric focal point to one’s appearance, and the conditions that develop as a result of getting older can have an impact on the self-confidence of the affected person, as feeling like they have an aged tired look is not their preference.

Lines and wrinkles can appear on the upper, mid or lower face, presenting as forehead and frown lines, laughter lines around the eyes or vertical lip lines.

The lack of support for the muscles under the skin can lead to the development of sagging skin, affecting the jawline to create jowls or bags under the eyes. Deeper folds can also develop around the mouth and nose as nasolabial folds – extending from the sides of the nose down to the edges of the mouth, or marionette creases – extending from the outer edge of the mouth down toward the chin.

Mr. Marando will conduct a full and thorough consultation prior to treatment. He will take a considered look at the condition(s) you present with and discuss your personal goals, to put together a treatment plan that will best fit your individual situation. He will be able to recommend the areas that you both feel need attention, whether one or a series of treatments will be necessary to fulfil your physical and emotional expectations.

Dermal fillers can deliver facial rejuvenation, enhancement and beautification without the need for surgical techniques, and only the best quality FDA approved products are used.
The procedure will involve a series of injections being administered to the treatment area, using the finest of needles. The filler itself is a smooth gel that contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid, that can add both volume and hydration to the concerned area.
Hyaluronic acid is another element that is found naturally in the skin, and is responsible for maintaining the skin’s hydration. This too can be lost through the ageing process and through certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking and consuming alcohol, aiding a dull and tired look.
Although this treatment is not generally considered to be too uncomfortable, you may choose to have a numbing cream applied to the area prior to the treatment.

The results from this procedure can often be seen immediately, but will continue to develop over a short time. The face will have received a naturally subtle enhancement of the features; seeing lines and wrinkles reduced and youthful volumisation with a hydrated radiance. Dermal fillers can also be successful in filling out the deeper creases found on the face, such as the nasolabial and marionette folds as well as tear troughs, that can cause darkness under the eyes, enhancing the appearance of these features.

Mr. Marando will ensure you are happy with the results you have achieved and will be available at any time after the treatment to address any further concerns or questions you may have. Maintaining a long term youthful appearance may require an ongoing treatment plan to be arranged, which Mr. Marando will be able to assist with.

Treatment FAQ

Most people and most skin types are suitable for this treatment. Mr. Marando will address your condition and overall well-being, as well as ensuring you have realistic expectations, before the treatment and determine if you can go ahead. It may be advisable to seek medical advice if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or undergoing treatment for cancer, as this can affect your suitability.

The fillers used in this treatment are of the highest quality and are an FDA approved product. Mr. Marando is an experienced injector who maintains high standards of patient safety. This is commonly requested treatment that is performed frequently, worldwide.

This treatment is generally described by patients as being of little discomfort. There may be some slight tingling or a scratchy sensation at the injection point, but a numbing cream can be requested if you prefer to alleviate any mild discomfort that may be felt. The after effects from this procedure do not report any significant amounts of sensitivity.

The procedure can sometimes cause the treatment area to be a little swollen or bruised immediately afterwards. This will ease within a few hours and any remaining bruising that may last for a couple of days, can be covered using make-up. However, complications such as accidental intravascular injection and resulting skin necrosis have been described and therefore there are certain areas of the face that should only be treated by experienced injectors.

This treatment offers minimal downtime, but does not cause any interference to your daily activities. You should be able to continue with your day almost immediately after treatment, however this will be dependent on your individual treatment plan, which Mr. Marando will be able to advise you on prior to treatment.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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