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Expected Results
Youthful rejuvenation to the hands

Treatment Time
30 minutes


Up to 1 year

Best Hand Rejuvenation in Manchester by Star Clinic

Your hands get used extensively on a day to day basis, enhancing the signs of ageing, as the skin becomes thinner and less smooth over time, with a vast amount of exposure to the sun and other weather conditions.

Through the ageing process the hands experience naturally lost volume and elasticity, causing wrinkles to emerge and hollow areas between the fingers, that can create a bony look. These age related symptoms can become greater over time, especially when women go through menopause, resulting in the development of age spots and prominent veins through withered and parched looking skin.

When affected by aged looking hands, a person can often feel embarrassed and self-conscious of their appearance. Dry looking hands can urge the use of lotions to remedy this concern, often causing overuse that can have the reverse effects. It is a common perception that the hands are largely the main culprit for ‘giving away’ someone’s age, as the effects of ageing can be more pronounced in this area of the body, often giving the impression that a person is older than they actually are.

A pre-treatment consultation with Mr. Marando will see an attentive assessment of your individual condition, along with your emotional concerns. The treatment options will be discussed with you and together you can decide upon the right one to best fulfil your needs. Mr. Marando will ensure you are fully informed regarding the procedure itself and the realistic goals you can expect to achieve.

Mr. Marando uses the following treatments in order to rejuvenate the hands:

Dermal fillers – injecting a smooth gel into the treatment area can add subtle volume to the hands, filling out wrinkles and reducing the prominent appearance of veins. Containing Hyaluronic acid, the skin’s hydration will be boosted, as well as encouraging ongoing stimulation of collagen.

Chemical peels – applying a suitable solution to the hands will encourage the development of healthy cells to grow and improve the overall tone and texture of the skin, as dead cells are removed to leave behind soft smooth skin. Mr. Marando uses a combination of peels at Star Clinic, including Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s and BHA’s), depending on your personal skin tone.

Although these treatments should not create too much discomfort when being administered, they might incur a slight tingling sensation. For your personal comfort, you may wish to have a numbing cream applied to the treatment area prior to commencement of the procedure.

Mr. Marando can recommend if a series of procedures will be necessary or beneficial to your concerns and the outcomes you wish to achieve. He may also advise that longer term results can be maintained through receiving regular treatments, as these options may not be a permanent resolve.

The results from Dermal fillers may be visible almost immediately after treatment, but will continue to develop over the 7 days that follow. There will be virtually no disruption to your daily activities, therefore requiring no extra time off work or restrictions with driving or exercising. It is important to note that you should be careful not to apply products to your skin for up to 12 hours after treatment. Chemical peels to the hands will also see very little downtime with no interference to your daily pursuits. There may be some peeling of the skin in the couple of weeks that follow the treatment, and maybe a little redness but this should not be a problematic side effect.

After the procedure Mr. Marando is always available to answer any questions you may have, or address any further concerns. He will ensure you are fully informed with regards to any aftercare that you will need to consider, ensuring you can enjoy optimal results.

You can restore any lost confidence when the full results become visible, revealing younger looking hands that are completely rejuvenated, appearing fresher, smoother and more even in tone.

Treatment FAQ

If you are feeling self-conscious of the appearance of your hands, that are experiencing the effects of the ageing process (wrinkles, prominent veins etc.) and feel your hands make you appear older than your actual years, then you may be suitable to undergo hand rejuvenation treatment. Mr. Marando will ensure a full assessment has been carried out prior to treatment, assessing your condition, thus determining your suitability. Procedures are more successful when a person has realistic expectations, is in good health with a good skin structure and doesn’t smoke. This treatment may not be suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have underlying skin conditions.

The products and methods used in when administering dermal fillers or applying chemical peels meet FDA approval, regarding standards of safety. The well-being of each and every patient is extremely important to Mr. Marando and he considers this aspect very carefully when carrying out these treatments.

There may be some slight discomfort that results from undergoing this procedure. Patients have expressed feeling a tingling sensation from both dermal fillers and from the chemical peel. These effects only last for a short time as your hands acclimatise to the procedure.

The after effects from dermal fillers may cause slight swelling and bruising from the injections, which will subside within a couple of days. The product used in the filler itself is made up of naturally found elements within the skin, subsequently causing little risk of inducing adverse effects. Chemical peels may incur some redness after the procedure accompanied by a few days of flaky skin. A suitable solution combination should be applied that goes in accordance with your individual skin type, meaning the risk of adverse effects is reduced.

Very little downtime is required with either a chemical peel to the hand or the application of dermal fillers. It may be that consideration will be needed before thinking of applying or exposing the hands to certain products within an advised timeframe after the procedure, but it will not affect your ability to carry out normal daily activities, casting restrictions on attending the workplace etc.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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