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At a glance

Expected Results
Improved body contouring

Length of Surgery
Up to 3 hours - depending on the amount of areas to be treated

General anaesthetic

Up to 2 weeks

Gaining weight is usually a result of consuming more calories than the body naturally expels, causing a build-up of extra fat under the skin. Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI can be achieved by eating healthily and exercising regularly, however other factors such as ageing and hormonal changes can make this difficult.

Feelings of self-consciousness and frustration can result from a person who is affected by having stubborn areas of fat, seeking methods such as shape enhancing garments or baggier clothing, to conceal this concern.

Liposculpture can be used to successfully treat areas such as: arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks and submental fat (under the chin), but should not be used as an alternative method of weight loss or to replace a healthy lifestyle. The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and can be treated either as a day case or may require an overnight stay in hospital, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

Mr. Marando will address your concerns and consider the individual condition that you present with through a full pre-operative assessment. He will ensure you are fully informed with regard to the actual procedure and discuss your expected outcomes and achievable goals.

The treatment itself involves seeing small incisions being made to the area of concern, whereby a cannula can be inserted to break up the deposits of fat. A device is then applied to the cannula that will suck out the fat in small amounts, before fine sutures are used to close the wound and dressings are applied. You will be advised to wear compression garments, all day everyday, for up to 6 weeks post-treatment. For around 2 weeks after the operation, you will need to take it easy. Being mindful not to undertake strenuous activities, taking the necessary time off work, following careful aftercare advice and taking painkillers to reduce any discomfort.

Mr. Marando will arrange the necessary follow up consultations, in which he will assess your recovery, ensure the healing process is successful and that results are developing well and fulfilling your expectations.

The final results from this treatment will be visible around 3 – 6 months after the procedure, when you will notice a smoother outline to your figure, and can restore improved body confidence. The up-keep of a healthy diet and regular exercise will help to maintain effective long-term results.

Treatment FAQ

Mr. Marando will assess your suitability through a full and thorough assessment prior to treatment. He will take into account your medical history, the conditions you present and your intended outcomes. If you are someone who is conscious to maintain a healthy lifestyle and is still affected by stubborn areas of fat, despite this, then you may be a candidate for Liposculpture. Successful healing and recovery can be achieved more effectively for someone who has a good skin condition and does not smoke or consume too much alcohol.

The safety of patients is important to Mr. Marando and he will ensure he will do all he can to look after the welfare of his patients. This is a frequently requested procedure and Mr. Marando is a highly skilled and trained surgeon, with this field of cosmetic surgery being a specialty of his.

This procedure will be performed under a general anaesthetic. The after effects from this procedure can cause a degree of discomfort, but the appropriate course of pain relief will be prescribed to you, ensuring your recovery is made as comfortable as possible.

For around up to 4 weeks after this procedure you may experience swelling and bruising to the areas that have been treated. The area may also feel slightly lumpy and uneven, but this too will settle within a few weeks. Aggravation to the nerves may trigger some tingling or numbness for a short time and it is also not uncommon for you to experience some slight bleeding. Slight scarring at the point of incision is also possible, but it should be fairly small and will fade over the coming months.

For around 2 weeks after the operation, you will need to slow your daily activities down, taking time off work to allow the initial part of the healing process to be successful. Compression garments may be advised for around 6 weeks, helping the skin to adapt to the new structure and shape. It is important not to push your body further than the level of personal comfort.

Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

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