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Star Clinic is excited to announce the launch of the revolutionary SKINSTORM treatment, the first of its kind in the North West and a world-first in skincare technology.

Developed by Crystal Clear, the SKINSTORM treatment is a unique, multi-step procedure that offers unparalleled results in skincare. This ground-breaking treatment incorporates six advanced techniques, including Hurricane Oxygen for deep cleansing, phototherapy light for skin resurfacing and Oxy Ice Peel for exfoliation. The innovative Oxy Ice Fibroblast Needling uses drone technology to rejuvenate the skin, while the Hylo Fusion method ensures needle-free delivery of skin-enhancing actives.

As seen in Tatler, Vogue, OK, Cosmopolitan, Closer, and used by stars like Colleen Rooney and Kim Marsh.


SKINSTORM is not just a treatment; it’s a skincare revolution. Using a layered approach, it targets various skin concerns, from cleansing and rejuvenation to tackling acne and ageing signs. Each step in SKINSTORM is a testament to the advancements in skincare technology, offering a holistic solution for those seeking the best for their skin.

The Six Steps of SKINSTORM:

  • Element One – Hurricane Oxygen: The SKINSTORM Hurricane Super Cleanse uses a vortex effect combined with pure oxygen and cold temperatures to deeply cleanse. It effectively lifts dirt and debris, chilling the skin to enhance cleanliness without irritation.
  • Element Two – Resurface and Heal with Photo Light Therapy: This step combines resurfacing and light therapy, smoothing skin texture, reducing scarring and pigmentation, and providing acne relief, all with flawless results and no recovery time needed.
  • Element Three – Oxy Ice Peel & Acne Anti-Bacterization Peel: A unique peel that blends dissolved oxygen with cryo temperatures, minimising inflammation and irritation. It deeply penetrates for an ‘inside out’ treatment, refreshing and clarifying the complexion.
  • Element Four – Oxy Ice Fibroblast Needling (with drone technology): Utilises drone technology for precise serum delivery. The micro-needling roller stimulates collagen production, repairs and hydrates the skin, visibly enhancing its structure and appearance.
  • Element Five – Hylo Fusion (Filler without the needle): A non-invasive method delivering hyaluronic acid and other actives deeply into the skin. This bespoke treatment effectively targets areas like crow’s feet and sagging skin, offering a natural filler effect.
  • Element Six – Tri Fusion Light Therapy: This therapeutic light treatment uses red, blue and infrared light to aid skin healing and balance. It rejuvenates the skin, eradicates bacteria and helps in lifting pigmentation, providing a calming post-treatment experience.

Each element of the SKINSTORM treatment is designed to provide comprehensive skincare benefits, making it a leading choice for those seeking advanced cosmetic solutions.

Benefits of SKINSTORM:

SKINSTORM goes beyond traditional facials. It offers:

  • A noticeable improvement in skin texture and tone.
  • Significant reduction in scarring and acne.
  • A youthful, revitalised appearance with enhanced elasticity.
  • Overall skin health improvement, contributing to long-term skin wellness.

Innovative Techniques:

Each step in SKINSTORM employs cutting-edge technology. From the cleansing power of Hurricane Oxygen to the precision of Oxy Ice Fibroblast Needling, every aspect of SKINSTORM is designed to deliver optimal skincare results.

Transformative Outcomes:

Clients who undergo the SKINSTORM treatment at Star Clinic can expect transformative outcomes. The treatment is tailored to individual skin types and concerns, ensuring personalised and effective results.

It is recommended that you purchase a course of six treatments for maximum effect, however they can also be purchased individually.

Limited Appointments in December and January:

Star Clinic is offering this exclusive treatment with limited slots available in December and more dates in January. Due to the high demand for this innovative treatment, we recommend booking your appointment early to avoid disappointment.

Please contact a member of the team who can provide you with availability and any further information.

Why Choose Star Clinic for SKINSTORM?

Choosing Star Clinic for your SKINSTORM treatment means opting for excellence. Our expert team, led by renowned skincare professionals, ensures that each client receives personalised care and experiences the full benefits of this revolutionary treatment.

The introduction of SKINSTORM at Star Clinic in Altrincham marks a new chapter in skincare. This world-first treatment is set to redefine what we expect from skincare solutions. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to experience the future of skincare. Contact us directly to book your SKINSTORM session.

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